Thursday, October 2, 2014

Outlawed - No Kitties at the Baby Shower

This is where they ended up.

That was after they had shown their true five-month old kitty selves to one and all at the baby shower.

What, exactly, does that mean?

We had to set a guard. A person guard. To keep watch over the food table. The food table that had lots of yummy things. Including meat.

The meat was what finally sent them over the edge.
It was too much to resist.

I had to run to the loo, so I assigned my sister to be on kitty watch (kitty watch = close proximity to table while holding squirt bottle). I was gone maybe 45 seconds. I walked back into the kitchen to see my sister with her back turned, standing elsewhere in the room.

And where were the kitties?

Well, funny that you ask. One of them, we won't say names (whisper: Mabel) was standing ON the food table and helping herself to sliced ham.

Yes. She was. It's a true fact.

Now, if I had not shrieked, I don't think anyone would have noticed. At all. Everyone was busy visiting and playing games and doing shower stuff.

But I did. I shrilly shrieked, alerting guests to the fact that something was amiss.

I grabbed Mabel, I mean a kitty, and put her on the ground, grabbing for the spray bottle and telling her, "NO!"

Only the ham was touched. I whisked away the platter, removing the licked and tasted meat.

After setting things to right, I checked on the kitties. Constant vigilance was required at all times.

Until finally, after multiple failures to revisit the meat, both kitties gave it up and went outside.

Where they found this lovely perch for an afternoon nap. Complete with a view through the window of the meat platter and food table.

Clever girls.

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