Monday, September 28, 2015



That is what my gifted glass blower friend calls her mistakes. Gumpies. What to my eye is beautiful, she finds undesirable. Her eyes see the tiny flaws. For her business, these gumpies are not worthy for jewelry.

During a recent beach gathering of friends, there sat the mistakes. The gumpies, relegated to the tub of shame. Imperfections were barely discernable to my untrained eyes. The fascinating, shiny, colorful, irresistible tub of gumpies called me again and again. Dipping my hands in the cool glass, pulling out fascinating designs, sorting and making patterns. I couldn't stay away.

Despite the imperfections, these gorgeous glass baubles are desirable as sources of beauty and inspiration.

Are we not like that?


Imperfect, flawed, full of mistakes.

Gumpies remind me of God. I am the above. Add to that list sometimes unlovable, irritating, sharp edged, critical, lazy, uptight, selfish. I can easily see the flaws in this messed-up human.

But God still desires fellowship with me. In spite of my 'gumpie-ness' He sees me as fascinating and worthy of purchase. He also finds me beautiful, irresistible, colorful, and fascinating. He doesn't stay away. He wants to sort and refine and create in me.

From the muddle of bright shiny jewels, He chose me. He paid for me. He loves me and wants to shine through His creation. Me.

God loves gumpies.


A gumpie.


  1. I love Gumpies, too! Perfection is tedious and far less interesting!


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