Monday, September 14, 2015


Why is it that the Velcro straps on my much beloved Tevas randomly unlatch but when I sit on the floor at church playing with kiddos, the Velcro gets me stuck to the floor so tight I almost need help getting my foot free?

Alas. My poor Tevas. This is pair number 3. They are on their last leg, er, foot. But can I find them in a store? NO. Is my style still available anywhere I look? NO. Can I find Tevas? Yes. But weird styles and curvy soles are all I discover.

I love my Tevas. I wear them from February (if the weather begins warming) through October (if the weather stays warm). My permanent tanline resembles the straps on my Teva sandals. Once this pair falls apart for good, I am shoeless. In Yakima.

So if you ever happen to be out shopping and see this style of Teva, please let me know! I'll be right there.

Do you have a favorite brand of shoes?

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