Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Things You Gotta Have

 Sometimes there are just things you must have. They may not be mandatory for survival, but let's say some things are great for mental health and stress relief and a happy life.
In other words, you gotta have it.

Sometimes you just gotta have a tent. And snacks. And a cousin.

Other times you just gotta have cottage cheese. Two servings.
We all know there are definitely times we must have some shut eye.

On special days, girls just gotta have a party dress and pretty hair,

while boys make do with comfy jeans and a Mohawk.

Sometimes you just gotta have chill time in the rockin' chair.

Lots of chill time.

And don't forget, sometimes we need a gaggle (ducky blanket) and static hair to make our days complete.

On certain days, we just gotta have scrap wood, a million nails, a hammer,
and some grand ideas.

Sometimes a rocking buddy is the best plan.
You always need a little help. Gotta have it.

You gotta take advantage of Papa sitting on the floor.
And don't forget. You just always gotta have a Nana hug.

What do you just gotta have?

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