Friday, October 16, 2015

The Trial of Two Kitties - Jury Needed

How could this innocent face be guilty of such a crime? Or is she craftily scorning us with her kitty schemes?
Trial Notes:

The Accused: Mabel

Accomplice: Monet

Innocent Victim: Mr. Mouse

Witness for the Defense & Prosecution: Me

Bailiff: Kevin

Judge: Kevin

Executioner: Kevin

Coroner: Kevin

Funeral Director: Kevin

Burial Representative: Kevin

Mourners: Mabel, Monet, and Me; the family of Mr. Mouse

The Scene: Living room at Quantrell residence

Mabel lounging in the middle of secured crime scene, toying with Mr. Mouse who is hiding terrified behind the toy cupboard.

The hallway crime scene is secured.

Chronological Trail of Events:

7:56 AM: The Accused brings victim to living room via cat door
7:56 AM: Witness notices game of cat-and-mouse behind library book bag
7:57 AM: Witness texts Bailiff
7:58 AM: Witness secures the scene
8:01 AM: Repeat text between Witness and Bailiff
8:05 AM: Judge arrives on scene and passes judgement
8:08 AM: Executioner corners Mr. Mouse with the assistance of The Accused and her sister, Monet
8:09 AM: Mr. Mouse is sent to the great upstairs mouse house as Witness covers her ears, turns her back, and makes squeals of her own
8:10 AM: Coroner pronounces Mr. Mouse is deceased
8:10 AM: Funeral Director consults with Burial Representative and secures plastic lined casket for Mr. Mouse
8:11 AM: Incident is concluded and scene is returned to normal
8:12 AM: The Accused and sister leave the scene through cat door to attempt locating a second victim

(Due to juvenile age of the victim, no photos are available of Mr. Mouse.)

The Jury: Readers

Who was the guilty party in this tragic event?

Was it Mabel, the cat who could not stray from her natural reflexes to pounce on Mr. Mouse as he moved in front of her? Or did she get off scott-free?

Was Mr. Mouse in the wrong for daring to travel in a NO-MOUSE zone due to inhabitations of viscious mouse-murderers?

Did Kevin err too soon in the trial, sentencing, and execution of Mr. Mouse? Or should the household catch-and-release policy (most often exercised by Mabel and Monet who catch prey and release it inside the house) have been upheld?

Should Angie have avoided texting for help, and so saved the life, at least temporarily, of Mr. Mouse?

You be the jury.

Guilty or Not Guilty?

Mabel has the last laugh.


  1. Angie, This is hilarious! Awesome post and a delight to read.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. These are naughty girls! :)


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