Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wrapped in Love ~ Merry Christmas at My Door!

I came home from walking in the lovely fall rain to find a package tucked neatly behind the pumpkin display.

And what to my wondering eyes (and fingers) should appear at the ripping apart of the paper but a contribution for our Wrapped in Love Christmas project.

Ten beautiful, cozy, colorful scarves burst out, tempting me to try on and touch. These 10 cozies began at our girls' weekend at the beginning of the month. I also have several other gorgeous scarves that were completed during our eating/talking/movie watching marathon. Thanks, girls! You rock!

I am feeling a little bit better about my stash of scarves, shoulder shawls, and lap robes. 94+ is a lot of cozies!

For, you see, Christmas is coming and our Wrapped in Love project for the nursing home will soon take place. You can read more about Wrapped in Love by clicking the link.

On Christmas Day, a group of us will load our packages, boxes, and bags, and go over the river and through the woods (or at least over the roads and through the neighborhoods) to Landmark. While there we hope to dispense Christmas cheer, a good bit of fellowship, a Christmas treat, and a choice of one of the warm Wrapped in Love creations to all of the residents.

Anyone not busy on Christmas Day? You are welcome to join us. If you can't make it, feel free to dig out that knitting, crocheting, or sewing and whip up a few items to add to our pile. Thank you!

And a very, merry, early Christmas!

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