Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Stack (of Paper)

The completed manuscript with sources, sketches, and documents
This is what I've been up to. Instead of blogging.

There is not much time left in my days (weeks, months) after planning, writing, editing, printing, sourcing, compiling, emailing, packaging, and mailing this baby.

Oh, yes. This is my baby. The first half of a 12-month activity book for preschoolers and missions has been delivered (emailed and mailed) to my faithful preschool resource team at Woman's Missionary Union.
The completed manuscript package and its twin - the emergency copy that can be mailed if the PO loses the original
Now they get to do their huge part.

And I will continue on with the above steps for the second half of the book.

The writing life is grand.   
A glimpse of the chaos that is my office, including desk, side table, and floor

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