Monday, January 17, 2011

fake spring

What? The snow is all melted. Ok, the snow mountains in the front and back yards are still there, just much, much smaller. Roads are clear, except for piles of gravel and sand. Chinook breeze (and gale force blasts) have been blowing all day. Blue skies. Beautiful moon and stars. Walked out this morning to go get coffee with my coat on. Went right back inside and put it away. A thin sweater is more than enough. No gloves, scarf, or hat...Sunglasses were required. No heat necessary in the car. Iced coffee tasted superb.

All this fake spring (it IS still January, and not even the end of the month). My computer reads 50 degrees right now. It's almost 7:00 PM. In the fall, we call the short blast of summer before the real autumn Indian Summer. So what do we call the reverse in January where winter disappears for a short while and it seems to be spring??? Surely not Indian Spring! I think I"ll call it Pseudo-Spring.

It must be about time for a recurrence of winter. Blizzard, frigid temps, nasty roads, foggy and minimal line of sight, dangerous sidewalks, icicles, shoveling, hot cocoa...

I'm not putting away my sweaters just yet. No. Winter is not over.

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