Monday, January 31, 2011

Social Interaction

"I could use a little social interaction." (The Grinch, by Jim Carrey)

I love it when someone else says what I mean. The entire scene of this movie shares how the Grinch realizes he is stuck in isolation and loneliness. He needs the other scene, the social scene, and some face time with at best a long lost love (Martha May), at worst, others to annoy and offend. His attempts take quite a while to become successful. But with the help of little Cindy Lou, he is presented and eventually becomes acclimatized to the society of his childhood.

I sometimes feel like that, noticing the need for some social interaction. Talking to myself does not count. A little play time. Not offending or causing havoc, but fun times, laughter, and coffee. And chocolate. Especially chocolate.

Now, must pencil in a date and get social. We need to chat, face to face.

"Of course, when I say we, I mean you." (a different scene, The Grinch)

And me.

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