Thursday, January 20, 2011

What I Noticed

I was in the noticing mood today. Some things I noticed:

The days are getting longer - it's no longer dark when I get home at 5
My husband loves my hair (best he says) in a very old-fashioned style, reminiscent of high school days
The snow bank in our back yard is ever shrinking, and the cut pine trees perched on top are getting shorter
My daughter texted AND called me today
I actually liked the way my hair curled today (first time this week)
I ate too many M&M's
Listening to The Horse and His Boy brings back great memories of grade school and my in love with horses and books (lifelong) stage
When I first get home after a long day, our house smells like my friend's house in Seattle. Can't figure it out
My family has not called me (extended) this week. My sister texted me once (maybe thrice), I haven't called them either (my fault)
There is more hair around the house than actually on the cat
All 4 of the chain link gates I unlock each day are sagging
Even chipper coffee baristas sometimes are not chipper in the wee hours of the day
Must. have. static. guard. in. the. winter
The moon has been beautifully full and large
My students have been doing awesome work ALL week! I have even caught them being kind to each other
My son checks in every day, by phone, regardless of where he is
I am tired of tater tot casserole
I really need to go shopping
My students are reading all the labels now, looking for grams and ounces
My hearing is definitely getting worse, and accents are much harder to understand
Dividing any candy between 8 students saves me lots of calories
I work in a school where we spent 30 minutes at our teacher's meeting in prayer, and then we were done with the meeting
Dust magically appears in my house
Tuna fish really doesn't smell good. It doesn't look good stuck between the stove and the cupboard either
I forgot to sleep with my nose ring in last night
I am on borrowed time for my mouth guard
Tomorrow is casual day, and I'm going to wear my Army Mom t-shirt
My husband left me a love letter on my mirror
Coffee pots get really gross
God's creation is absolutely amazing in it's intricacy and beauty
Kids cannot move with running and/or screaming. Walking is not allowed at recess
I have an excellent life

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