Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The ICK Factor

Disgusting. There is nothing worse than using a public toilet. Maybe not having any toilet around to use, but that is another blog.

But using a public potty which appears to be clean and is inside a fairly respectable establishment and then the 'after use perusal' shows details to the contrary. ICK.

Case in point. Today, while doing reconnaissance about a future building project for my honey, I needed to visit the WC (water closet, loo, toilette, potty). Happily went my way to take care of business.

The individualized stalls of personal convenience were adequate. The stall I chose looked clean and relatively unused. So I used it.

And somehow, upon completion of my business, viewed the undercarriage of the throne. UGH. Let's just say that someone missed very visibly and ick-ily.

Did I get any on me? Are my clothes contaminated? Should I just toss it all in the trash and go au naturel throughout the store to avoid contamination? Perhaps as I was kicked out or arrested, the employees would wonder why, and I could explain the pew-ee features on their commodes.

Ick. Gross. Nasty.

Of course, by the time I saw the evidence (not number one, btw), it was too late. I had fallen for the appearance of cleanliness.

Come on people. Seriously. There is someone out there right now that should be taking a shower and doing some laundry (AFTER scrubbing their hands). How one can do that?...Well. OK. Sometimes accidents happen. But how bathroom cleaning persons can clean (and sanitize, I hope) only the TOP of the potty, is, should be, illegal!


I need a shower.

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