Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kindles are great, but...

My sister, the awesome, let me borrow her Kindle to take on a road trip so I could read the newest book in the Green Rider series, which we all enjoy (mommy, sister, and I). For convenience, let me tell you, the Kindle rocks. It has games AND shopping on it! With a click of the finger you can buy a book and read it. I love that. Maybe one day I'll have to have a Kindle of my own. The possibilities. Especially when I travel.

On the other hand, nothing can replace a book held in my own two hands. Bookmarks, dog-ears, scraps of paper, sticky notes...illustrations, bookshelves, collections, decorations, anticipation...It just wouldn't seem the same to line up a Kindle on the bookshelf and call it good. I would have to name the bookshelf the 'Kindle and assorted objet d'art shelf.'

And then there are children's books. Je les livres d'enfants d'amour! I love watching children love a book to pieces, literally. There is magic in the story and illustrations. Snuggling with a child and a great book is dreamy.

I've heard the comment many times. One day, with all of this technology, we won't have books anymore.

Hogwash. Too many of us bookworms would protest. Hmmm. I think there is a place for both. I can't wait to secure more books for my collection. And I look forward to when I own a personal Kindle to use as I adventure around the world.

It is difficult to stop trying to reach to the upper right corner and turn the paper page on a Kindle...Nevertheless...I'll persevere and enjoy my books and my future Kindle (hint, hint, honey).

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