Thursday, July 21, 2011

Recycle X 2

I have this cool bag. Well I HAD this cool bag. It was so cool that I carried it back and forth to school all last year, full to overflowing with teacher stuff - books, papers, craft projects, dirt, science objects, food, prizes, garbage, recycling...If you can think of something (within reason), it was probably hauled in my bag.

It's called le joie de vivre avec stuff and features 60's style illustrations with French vocabulary words. I found it at Inklings (Yakima). All sides were covered with pictures and labeled in French words, including the bottom, which hardly anyone ever saw. (That is good, as it featured a naked man in the shower...didn't notice that part when I purchased my cool bag. He WAS artfully modest.)

My bag was made from recycled materials. A big plus for me. Cool theme, recycled goods, purposeful, large and roomy, solid straps...My kind of bag.

I loved my bag. Loved it too much it seems. By the end of the school year, the bottom was wearing through. I was devastated to have to put it out to pasture, but resigned. It was that or continually pick up things that fell through the holes in the thinned out bag bottom.

Aha! I told myself! (I often talk to myself, and not always in my head. Just ignore me.)

Self, you can remake this sack! Just cut off the bottom and sides. Sew them together and make a smaller but just as cute le joie de vivre avec stuff bag.

So, myself and I took the idea one step further and cut two additional pockets from the side panels (there was already one sewn inside), added the two pockets to one side, pinned the sides together, and double sewed the seams.

Voila! A stylish, lovely, twice recycled bag...

The naked man had to go though.

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