Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Doctors and Things

That will teach me! I scheduled a crown AND my annual physical over Christmas break!

What was I thinking? Not only do I have a temporary crown that is extremely sensitive and TMJ as a result of the tooth work that gives me aching headaches, I can't enjoy all of the lovely, crunchy, sticky, delicious, chewy Christmas treats and special dishes of the season. Between the temporary crown AND lab work, it's just not the same. Blah! Need to seriously rethink my appointment game plan. I think I weigh more over Christmas, so that doesn't help.

Bah-humbug for doctor appointments and temporary crowns (even if I really like both my doctor and my dentist). Nothing personal...just their line of work.

My blood work came back good though...a special blessing from God, that it is.

Next year...maybe summer? Maybe never? How about no?

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