Saturday, December 31, 2011


I love lights! Candles, lamps, cool ceiling fixtures, sunshine, moonlight, fireplaces, fire pits, fireworks (although not at midnight on New Year's Eve when I have been asleep for awhile)...I also love old, which is extremely good, as my years of living are getting higher and higher in number. Maybe that is why I like older stuff - my subconscious remembers it from way back in the dark ages. Maybe that is why I love lights!

Check out these cool candle holders my honey gave me for Christmas! Lights AND old looking. I found, I mean he found them at Sister to Sister in Prosser (right next to Starbucks, immediately off the freeway ramp). I'll share a little secret. He wanted to get the for me for Christmas, but sent me in to buy them (I had discovered them on a previous trip). I allowed the sweet ladies inside to think that the gift was for someone else (it was for me) and they wrapped it so prettily. :) Saved my man a little extra work, and the wrapping looked great!

It was a theme season for me. Mr. Fancy Shopper, on his own without me, also found this very unique teapot candle holder. Old looking barn red with rubbed off paint. Love it!

Before Christmas, my awesome son gave me money and told me to buy something. (Actually, he gave it to dear old dad, who gave it to me). On my birthday, we went on a day trip to see Jan Brett and stopped for coffee at Starbucks. I trotted in to Sister to Sister and fell in love with the Christmas decor - including my future hanging candle holders and this wonderful galvanized birdhouse table top candle holder. It is so beautiful when the candles are lit! As a side bonus, this candle holder puts out quite a bit of heat, so we use it as a pseudo-fireplace in our family room, the coldest room of the house. It really helps.

Filling my house and my heart with light. Perfect for those long, short, dreary, winter days.

Maybe that's why Christmas is in December. The arrival of The Light shreds the darkness of winter.

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