Saturday, June 30, 2012

Facebook Fasting

You know how it goes. Just a sec to check on friends becomes just a few hours of time gone forever.

For the month of July, I will be Facebook fasting. I want to use the time to connect face to face with friends and family. The time I don't spend on FB should give me some extra coffee time and meal dates. Or time to call a few people on the phone. Or go for a walk. Or take a nap. Or get ready to go to the Olympics next month.

Don't worry. I'll find plenty to do. But the big point is to spend the time I would've spent on FB on other people - real people - not virtual representations of them.

I'll still be electronically connected and check my email, maybe blog a few times, text and call people. But FB will be out. Going to reclaim my time and use it for worthwhile pursuits.

So, if you're hanging out, give me a buzz. Let's chat in person.

Read more about Facebook Fasting (by yours truly) in the July issue of Missions Mosaic. I've committed to taking this step. Join me!

(Some pictures will NOT go the correct direction. This is the Facebook Fasting article in Missions Mosaic.)

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