Monday, June 4, 2012

The King

Today we had a gloriously lovely and soaking wet field trip. First stop, the Yakima Valley Museum.

Our docent led us on a merry tour, skimming some areas and focusing on others. We truly enjoyed the shoe collection and the old fashioned house and methods of transportation. But what I was most pleased about was the room of the Cabinets of Curiosities.

The Cabinets of Curiosities room is a new addition to the museum. So new, in fact, that not all things are labelled. And there are some really odd things in those cabinets (check out the baby doll headed stuffed duck - stuffed as in taxidermy-d).

As our docent was explaining the history of curiosity cabinets, she guided our students to think about kings, queens, princes, and princesses. The very rich and the royalty were the ones who collected and stored curiosities in cupboards, cabinets, or closets. Most often, only friends of the blue bloods were invited to examine the collections.

After asking our group if there were any kings, any queens, any princesses, or any princes present, she asked another question.

"Who is a king?" she said.

A little voice up front, near her, piped out confidently, "Jesus."

Yes. From the voice of an innocent, the truth was spoken. King Jesus. The King who doesn't collect stuff, although He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and is the Creator of the Universe (which by the way, is not millions of years old and evolved). The thing that King Jesus is most interested in is people. He collects people - their hearts - those who believe in Him.

King Jesus does want all people to be in His special collection. Those He has collected are not put into closets, cupboards, or cabinets, but are left out on display, running around as normal, for all the world to see. The King's collection is vastly treasured, yet allowed freedom to live life surrounded by loved ones. His collection is infused with the Light, light that guides the way for others. That Light is an invitation - "Hey, come join my collection! Come, You are treasured. Not put on a shelf, but loved and embraced and set out for others to view," says the King. "Come, be My treasure!"

So goes the invitation for all to join.

By the way, that confident child's voice speaking the truth, "Jesus," threw a curve ball to our docent. She was not quite sure how to reply.

"That's right," I said, "King Jesus."

And we continued our exploration of history (historical = OLD STUFF to our students).

...And he said to the Jews, "Behold your King!" (John 19:14b)

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