Sunday, June 8, 2014


Spring flowers found up Little Naches side road

Well, hello there!

It has been a long time. Both in number of days and mental overload with lack of availability of actually having time and thoughts to compose a blog post. Or any sane thoughts to compose. Period.

But I'm back! It's time to do some blogging. I have multiple ideas scribbled on scraps of paper around the house. Probably won't find them all - or will find them and will not understand what I was thinking/imagining/planning.

That's OK.

School is out. Only one more week of post-school paperwork, cleaning, and packing. Summer is almost officially here. 3 of 4 writing deadlines have passed. No new kittens yet to distract me (more on that to come, just wait - Monet and Mabel on the way). Garden has already passed my ability to keep up. Dead lavender has been replaced. ??? Why did it die? No idea. Guess? Too much dog pee. Since they sit right next to the road.

And a new adventure. It's the changing of the career. Full-time teaching is out. Full-time writing is in. Well, there will still be some teaching and lots of ministry. But more time for writing. Hurrah!

So let's get this thing going. Missed you.

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