Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wrapped in Love - A Ministry of Warmth

Wrapped in Love was born following a Christmas Day visit with my mother-in-heart and the annual Candlelight Christmas Eve Service at our church, Amplify.

After our Merry Christmas visit, my mind wandered as we continued on our road of visiting. Surely most of the residents of her long-term care facility would receive the visits of family and friends on one of the most seasonally perfect days of the year for loved ones? Wouldn't they?

Or maybe not?

My socialite mom-in-heart adores guests. She would rather stand (though she is unable) and offer her wheelchair, bed, and side chair to her friends and family than to not have loved ones crowded in her room. This woman, lover of all - even those that are hard to handle and love - has the biggest heart I have seen.

In honor of her, Carole, I embark on this new project. A ministry really. Oh, don't worry! Carole is fine, just sitting there sassy and ready for a gab session complete with coffee and snack. Or a game of Bingo where she is sure to win prizes of treats and treasures.

Wouldn't it be awesome if everyone in the nursing facility had a visitor on Christmas Day? Would I be willing to give up time on Christmas Day? Could I do it? Could I make treat bags and crochet scarves so that each person, resident and staff, would receive a smile, a gift of love, and some Christmas cheer?

Probably not by myself. A year from now is a long time. And a nursing home has many residents and staff. Many.

But what if I had friends? What if I asked them to join me in sewing, crocheting, knitting, and creating scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, and lap robes? Could I then gather enough to wrap everyone in love next December 25th? Could a team of us take a few hours and travel with treats and gifts of love to spend our smiles and hearts with these loved ones? Would others join me in giving a gift bag and letting senior men and women dig through baskets of handmade items to choose the perfect thing, just for them? Is this a wild dream or a reachable goal?

Yes. Wrapped in Love is both a wild dream and a goal that can be met.

You see, I have friends. I have family. I have loved ones. I'm sure one or two will help me wrap a small portion of Yakima in love.

Looking for all who are interested. Let's get knitting, crocheting, sewing, cutting, creating . . . Your choice of project. Just make it with love and joy.

We have less than a year.

I better get busy! Three scarves down. One in progress.

Who's with me?

Watch for information about a monthly gathering so we can create together and encourage each other as we work our little fingers to the bones. Let me know if you are interested in joining my love army.

Yarn? Needles? Scissors? Fabric?

Ready. Set. Go.


  1. Wow! This is a great idea and I’m sure that the residents would love what you have in store for them. I hope you get all the support you need for your ministry. Just keep working on that vision. Also, we featured this post in our Weekly Digest. You can read it here Thanks!

  2. Holly, I just found this comment. Thanks so much. I did get a notice in my email as well. Still crocheting! I think Christmas will get here before I get done, but I do have friends helping me. Yay team!


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