Friday, November 27, 2015

Being Thankful

Another Thanksgiving has passed us by.

I'm always a bit sad when it is gone. It's such a long year until the next Thanksgiving and I love having a reason to reflect on those things for which I am thankful.

We had a quiet day of celebration with a grand total of 11 people (plus 1 in utero, so I could count that as 12) at our table. It was a wonderful day.

Here are some 'things' for which I am thankful.

Grandbaby number 5 and her/his mommy, Jamie Lee, the talented seamstress and teacher

Shoes by the door

My Donavyn, who can figure out how to open anything (I mean anything)

Donavyn and my baby playing cars

My Hayden (6 and in 1st grade)

My Miss Khloe (4 and in preschool)

The meal

My baby girl, Mommy and future college student

My baby's baby, My Gage

My baby boy, Mr. Mechanic, daddy of 1 and another that's getting ready to surprise us

Mr. Collin, daddy of 3, 4-wheelin' dude (trying not to be in the picture)

My honey (who recently, uhm, went dumpster diving when he accidently dropped in his glasses) - don't worry, he washed his hands a million times

Mommy naps

Bonding boys

Popsicle prince

Popsicle princess

Papa and his 'silly' hat

Grandma Carole
As you can see, I am thankful for quite a few things, er, people. I just have to remember to be thankful throughout the year, not just on the fourth Thursday of November.
Did you notice all of the 'my's? I claim relationship with these blessings in my life.
(Not pictured: So many people. Missed you! I claim you as 'my,' too.)
Happy Thanksgiving! I'd love to hear your thankful list. 


  1. Fabulous Angie.. what a lovely family.. hugs

    1. Thanks so much, Sally. I am just finding comments. For some reason, my comment notification is turned off! Yikes! xo


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