Monday, November 9, 2015

The Help

Meet the help.

Stats: 2 year-old male
Experience: Negligible
Status: Volunteer
Job assignment: Laundry assistant
Recruited by: Head cook, housekeeper, and bottle washer

Sometimes help is required. Today was such a day. Recruiting was simple, as above mentioned volunteer adores time spent opening and closing doors.

The dryer has a door that opens and closes. It also has a lint trap that can be taken out, cleaned, and replaced.

Success rate: 100 % (per number of items folded, er, rolled and piled on top)

Comments: Supervisor says recruit shows much promise. With proper training and years of experience, volunteer will be able to exhibit superior laundry folding skills.

Tip: Train the help early. The younger, the better.

Poll: What jobs have you trained your volunteers to do? How young did you start the training program? Success rate?

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