Monday, November 23, 2015

Wrapped in Love Christmas Project is Almost Here

Today I counted all of the scarves I have on hand for our Christmas Day visit to Landmark Care Center.

I have a total of 45 crocheted, knitted, and fleece scarves. I also have several lap robes, blankets, and even an afghan.

Close, but not there yet.

94 (or 93, I always forget) is the number of residents living at Landmark.

Quick reminder:

What: Wrapped in Love visit and giving of warm gifts

Where: Landmark Care Center, Yakima

When: Christmas Day

Why: Because we love them!

How: Only with the help of my friends!

The meeting time will be confirmed and announced closer to the actual date.

I am so excited to share a part of my Christmas Day with seniors living in my community.

Better get busy crocheting!
My birthday trip provided additional scarves for the stash.

32 days left to crochet
(if you count Christmas Day)

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