Sunday, January 15, 2012

Flat Tire

(Trust me, it looks bigger in real life...)

Good thing it snowed a little tonight.

For a rare treat, we went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie - a date if you will, complete with popcorn for lunch. I really enjoyed the movie. Everyone kept saying it was hard to follow, so we did our homework before we went. We watched the first movie to get our brains in order to follow minute details and slow mo action. Then we watched the movie. Pretty good. Actually some very funny parts! I HATE torture, though, of any kind. All in all, a good movie.

We headed out of the theater to head home and grab the truck for a quick trip to the hardware store. I was thinking that the car was unnaturally short. Kind of funny for me to say that, since I always have a hard time seeing the top of the car. It felt like I had been riding in a big truck.

We took off, to a weird sound and feel. "What's that?"

Flat tire! Kevin backed up and returned to the parking lot so we could change the tire. I hopped out and looked at the driver side front tire, which has a slow leak and needs at least weekly fill.

It was low. But not as low as the driver side BACK tire, which was completely flat. What??? No wonder my side of the car seemed so short.

"Four minutes," said Kevin, racing to the trunk for the donut tire. (Ha, ha, ode to A Christmas Story).

I retraced our steps, looking for nails, tools, large knives...Nothing. There is definitely a hole, a rather large, jagged edged hole, which was not there BEFORE the movie. We were parked in an easy access outside edge slot...Did not see anyone else with a flat tire. Suspicious. Absolutely suspicious.

Good thing it started snowing, since Kevin had to change the tires anyway. Now the snow tires are on (not really needed for our little dusting, but at least they don't have holes).

Thank you, if it was in fact a purposeful endeavor to stab our tire. We needed to replace that tire anyway. If it was normal wear and tear and nail in the road somewhere on the freeway, my apologies.

C'mon and snow, baby. We're ready.

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