Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day!

Whoop, whoop! God did it big time, didn't He?

Just an FYI, kinders have been praying for snow since we got back from Christmas break. Yes, Christmas break, not winter or holiday. (That's another blog.) I think those 5-6 year-olds are having a great time playing in the icy white. All those songs, poems, and activities will now make more sense. I can feel some more writing, singing, and art projects developing from the lovely white.

Snowy Day Checklist:
~shovel snow (quit before done, drenched from sweat and falling snow)
~save some snow for KQ to shovel
~wonder how my back will feel later (not used to shoveling)
~take pictures (from inside so the camera doesn't get wet)
~hot mocha
~don flannel pants
~put out clothes drying rack
~wash soaked clothes
~bake brownie bites (burned enough cals for that one)
~stay home and stay in
~writing assignment (new book for preschoolers coming soon!)
~continually check weather report
~anxiously watch sky to see if it is still snowing
~thank God

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