Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pray for Your Enemies?

Just within the last day or two, I've read comments about the Bible verse saying that we are to pray for our enemies. Maybe it was even today, this morning. I do believe that is true. At the time, I wondered who I should pray for...

Today, after school, I picked up my computer at the computer shop.

BECAUSE I had been hijacked.

Now I know who my enemies are. Those people who have oodles of free time to sit around and design worms and viruses and cookies and thingys I don't even know what to call. And then they send them out into the invisible Internet zone.

The TWILIGHT ZONE (no, not the vampire movie adoration crowd camping out overnight to see the newest release). I think the Internet has its own TWILIGHT ZONE. Anything can happen, it's always invisible (except what happens on your computer), you don't (most of us, anyway) know how to fix it, mysterious symptoms occur, you spread it around without knowing more,...

Those, those, those, ...huuruuummppphhhhh.... those hackers! I need to pray for them. They (again) caused me a hijacking of some fake, random you have a possible 30 virus attacks! pop-ups that refuse to go anywhere and block all attempts of whatever TRUE virus protection program you have to fail to engage and do its own attacking. Blah.

This is very similar to a virus attack that I had just about 2 years ago February. I know because I asked the techie dude who fixed my computer when I was in last (as I handed him $119.00). I didn't even make it 2 full years! But good news - he said some families are in every month! I guess I am getting off pretty cheap.

All that being said, my techie friends recommend AVAST (they used to install AVIRA) as the better anti-virus protection.

So, for a few moments, I am up and running.

Now, I need to go and pray for my enemies.

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