Sunday, January 8, 2012


(This photo does not show how mint lime green the wall is.)

I did say I wanted to paint more this year...

So far, believe it or not, I've painted numerous color swatches throughout the house. Not quite attractive, but I do know what I DON'T want.

And I've painted the background wall of one set of open shelves in the kitchen. When we moved in, about 2 years ago, these walls were covered with the same ugly counter top laminate stuff as the counters. We peeked beneath, and it was painted an ugly, lime (I mean lime), 70-80's shade of lime mint. After Kevin peeled off the laminate, it was ugly lime mint with huge chunks missing due to swirls of laminate glue. Nice. Much nicer after spackle made its appearance.

Et, voila! The shelf background is now a lovely shade of blue. If you like blue, it is lovely. Much better than before. I've had a similar blue in a former house, which I loved. This is a tad bit brighter, but I really like it.

I've decided that now I need to paint the background wall in a set of glass front cupboards the same blue. Hadn't noticed that that wall was also the lovely mint lime. Maybe because our glassware is hiding it somewhat.

And then one wall facing into the kitchen needs to be the same blue...Over the fridge, inside a cupboard, is a wild magenta background wall?! Hmmm. Makes one wonder. It's hiding. But all the other cupboards? Mint lime green. What have I started?

What I meant was, when I said I wanted to paint more in 2012, was water color painting, on a board, with some fun artwork. I didn't really mean all the walls and hiding spots in the house.

We'll see.

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