Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Life-time Supply of ???

Pom poms!

I visited the local Goodwill, which sometimes has good deals, sometimes not. But the wise on the lookout.

For I now have a lifetime supply for all future personal and professional crafting and gaming needs requiring yarn pom poms! Never have I scored so many lovely multi-colored orbs for such a low price! Eat your heart out, Michael's 40% off coupon. And JoAnn's. And Craft Warehouse. I'd say Hobby Lobby, but we don't have one in Yakima.

$3.99. What a deal!

Now, say, just for instance, you need pom poms in the near future. Give me a jingle. We'll play Let's Make a Deal. I got your back. As far as pom poms go.
(those are my can see how big the bag is!)

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