Thursday, March 29, 2012

He's in HOT WATER!

Years. It's been years we've been talking about it. Always discussion mode, not decision mode. But now he's gone and done it. He's in HOT WATER. And I'm soon to follow.

My man found (he researched all on his own) a 1920's cast iron claw foot tub for me! Let's hear a big whoo-hoo! We've always looked for a place to put one, and always looked for one to have.

I thought he was done looking. A few weeks back, a stranger called my cell phone to talk to me about a claw foot tub. Kevin happened to be standing there and I said, no, I hadn't called anyone about a tub. He must have the wrong number.

Then the man says, "Well, is Kevin there?"


I gave the phone to Kevin and he was not happy. That was supposed to be a SECRET phone call. One that did not come on MY cell phone.

That tub did not come through. So I thought the deal was over.

Yesterday, my honey mysteriously asked me to leave school as soon as possible, and he drove me to town. No hints at all mind you. I was thinking puppy, dinner, ???

Antique store. Yes. And there, kind of beat up and green, but beautiful and HUGE, was a claw foot tub. All mine.

Love it. It's for my BIG NUMBER birthday that is coming in November. The tub spent two nights on our patio and is now with the fixer-man. He is going to strip it and coat it real pretty in white.

And into our bedroom it goes! Now we're talking.

So he is, and we will both be, in hot water up to our necks.

Pun intended.

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