Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring, Glorious Spring!

It was sooooo nice out this afternoon, I had to go do some fall cleanup. Yep, those things I didn't get to last fall.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear, were those early rising plants and insects -

the strawberries are green and many have already bloomed;
the chives are at least 4" tall;
the mums are doing quite well;
the thyme is fragrant and green;
the oregano, which I least expected to make it, is flopping all over the place;
the rosemary is well and hardy, as always;
the mini daffodils are beautiful, the full size ones due to pop any day;
the newly planted (last fall) tulips are well on their way;
the azalea, which stayed mostly green all winter, looks much healthier;
the puny looking (last fall) transplanted lilac is covered in green sprigs;
the honeysuckle is sprouting green (also transplanted);

and weeds. Let's not mention weeds.

there is green on the raspberry, johnny-jump-ups jumping everywhere, and creeping thyme is starting to blanket the surrounding area;
the hostas are peeking;

and spiders, centipedes, roly-poly's, and ants are just fine.

Ahh. Spring.

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