Monday, May 14, 2012

No Lists in Heaven

I am a list maker. I make lists that are never completely crossed out. Sometimes, I transfer what is left on a list to a new list so I can have fresh paper. I think I may be a bit weird. Perhaps compulsive about list making. But in all honesty, if it is NOT written down somewhere (napkin, notepad, back of envelope, hand...) it is not going to happen.

Today, at the dentists' office, the hygienist and I were discussing life. As one usually does with people working in your mouth, or airplane seat partners, or bus mates, or people in waiting rooms. One of my first comments, after we discussed our adorable grandchildren, was about how I couldn't decide if I would rather go to the dentist or the gynecologist. We decided it depended on which one we were actually at. At the dentist, I would rather be visiting the gynecologist. At the gynecologist, I'd rather be at the dentist.

In spite of all that, my blood pressure was awesome! It's usually up at the dentist. I have extreeeemmmeeeely sensitive teeth. That's because I clench. All night long. Sometimes during the day. Especially when I am stressed about stuff. Occasionally I don't even recognize that I am stressed until my night guard is tight when I put it on (which means I have been clenching during the day without noticing).

As she scraped and poked and prodded and measured, I finally said, during a swallow break, "I think the gynecologist has one thing going for him. It doesn't take this long!"

We both laughed. To which she replied, "Could you imagine an hour up in those stirrups?" ARgghhhh! Certainly not.

While filling her in on my health life, which included, "Did you notice you have clenched a hole through your night guard? (WHAT? It's not even a year old. Sigh.), I was sharing about my lists. And how my lists never get done.

Bingo! I know! In Heaven, there will be no lists.

We both sighed. How beautiful and relaxing that sounded! No lists. And an eternity to complete whatever it is we need to do. Joy.

I'll add that reason to my list of why Heaven is going to be fabulous.

No more lists.

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