Monday, May 28, 2012

Warning: Dehydrator Already in Use

Oregano overwintered very well in the somewhat protected triangle garden (kitchen cutting garden near the back door, so designated due to the shape and to avoid confusion with other garden areas).

This was first for me, to have such a successful early crop of oregano. Mmmm. Smells great. Grew to bushy heights quite quickly. In fact, it was ready to go to bloom a few weeks back.

I kept my eyes on it, waiting for the time to dig out the dehydrator. Once that window opened up, out came the scissors and whack, whack, the lovely stems were chopped down to size.

After a good wash, I layered the entire plant's worth of greens on the dehydrator trays.

Et, voila'!

A jar of ready-to-go this winter oregano fresh from my garden.

There's still plenty of oregano to go around. Hoping for a few more cuttings.
Oregano, anyone?

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