Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why I Haven't Been on Facebook

Had the grands from Friday night to Saturday night. That doesn't seem that long when I look at those typed words. But the reality is how much is crammed into 24 hours of grandbaby loving. And chasing. And cooking. Cleaning. Fixing. Wiping up. Hugging. Explaining. Laughing. NOT sleeping.

(Before they left, Mommy giving tummy bubbles and sister on the way to help brother)

The grands were awesome. Yes, we are exhausted, but I'll blame my cold. Papa slept with Bubba in the big bed, and Nana slept with sister in the guest bed. Not that we needed to split up. She was stretched flat against my back and side all night, with me hanging on to the edge. He was scooched up glued to Papa's back with Papa claiming only a scant foot of the king size. We could have happily fit on one bed.

Things we loved:

~ Upon seeing Papa's nearly bald top of his head (most people don't see Papa from that angle, as he's 6'2"), "Papa, you got more hair?"
~ Sister's cheek splitting grins and racing crawls to grab my pants leg and pull herself up
~ BOTH living room and TV room floors covered with toys
~ Enough crumbs on the table, chairs, and floor to encourage an eminent ant invasion
~ As he discovered my hair barrette, and after giving him a lesson on how to open and close it, Bubba wanted to wear it. So I clipped the brown beauty on the top of his head, holding tight to a small hank of hair. Gleefully, he exclaimed, "It fits me!" "Go show Papa." Zoom. He was gone.
~ Little fingers playing in my hair in the wee hours of daylight
~ Those same fingers grasping my fingers over my shoulder as we dozed on the edge of the bed
~ Pancakes from scratch before 6:30 am. Since we all got up at 5:20 am.
~ Driving the huge, poor steering red car cart at Freddy's when purchasing a total of 2 donuts, just so they could drive and squeal. And charm other shoppers.
~ Pretend riding the horse at the north Freddy's entrance. Even if it was out of order.
~ Hayden worried that we didn't get Papa a donut. So he ran out on the porch and came back with a Meyer's bag. Of course, it held ant traps, but it was from Meyer's. (Fred Meyers)
~ Very loud and vocal squeals of delight from both grands as they climbed, jumped, crawled, and toppled on all available cushions mounded on the floor.
~ Bubster accosting one of my pink Avon lip balms and frequently smearing it all around his lower face (some did get on his lips). "My chapstick," he proclaimed each time he used it.
~ Taking 0 photos or posting online the entire time

Aren't grands grand?

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