Thursday, May 3, 2012

Old is Relative

Old is relative.

There is a current fascination with my age. As compared to the 5 and 6 year-old ages in my classroom. It consistently comes up. Finally, I've had to actually tell them my age. In hopes that it will become old (no pun intended) news and they will move on to other sensitive issues.

During our weekly discussion of "How Old Are You?" (the kids only ask me, not each other, as they keep accurate accounts in their minds of who has turned 6 and who has not - if only they could keep those fine memory skills for things like memory verses or letter sounds or number recognition), I told them higher, higher, STOP. At 49.

Before they could say ANYTHING, I said, "Now, when someone tells you their age, it will hurt their feelings if you say, Wow, that's old!" I then proceeded to give some lovely suggestions on kind things to say to an old person such as myself. I received curious looks, but the more perceptive children were seriously considering kind things to tell me.

On to other topics. For instance, yesterday I learned that I was a soft, fluffy pillow. Wow. Combine that with OLD and an attractive picture is being made.

Guess I better hit the track.

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