Wednesday, August 1, 2012

C'est Fini - Fastbook Fast is Over!

Wow. July was a long month in terms of no Facebook. Not that I spend oodles of time on it, but with 3 family reunions, and the majority of planning for 2 taking place on Facebook...Let's just say some challenges were overcome. And I missed sending birthday wishes to my friends overseas and out of state.

I did stay gone and worked hard to connect by phone, email, and in person. I actually had a few coffee dates, phones calls, and scheduled some get-togethers. That was nice.

But for those people of whom I have no other contact information except Facebook - that put a twist in my knickers. I can say that because I leave for London tomorrow. Which is one thing that was hard - connecting with my international buddies in hopes of meeting in person. Now I have one day (and they are sleeping right now) to connect!

Well, there was this one time. I was checking all my electronics and their compatibility for European plug adapters. My brother was checking, actually, while I was trying to find our church page, Amplify, and get him on it so he could add photo updates. INNOCENT! He handed me his Ipad (which was too cool to count). It was already on Facebook.

"Oh, look at those cute pictures!" I said. "AAAHHHHHH! I'm Facebook fasting! I'm not supposed to be on Facebook."

Too late. Sucked in, just like a a tourist at a time-share presentation.

Not to give short shift to my FB fasting, but I am heading to the Olympics tomorrow. Not actually the Olympic events, but a conference and then hanging out around Olympic venues. Gotta get this thing organized.

So, I did learn the true value of Facebook. It's connecting with family and friends. The ease of contact is wonderful. Games? Nah. Applications? Nah. Fluff? Nah. Pictures? You bet.

Just connecting with people. Real people.

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