Thursday, August 30, 2012

Warning: Brain Connection Speed is Lacking

"You'll have to forgive my friend, you see, he's a little slow." (Name that movie - with my approximation of a quote.)

I felt like that. After I returned home from London and the Olympics.

One day, early on in our trip, before too many gold medals had been won, a funny thing happened on the way to the Tower Bridge area.

(People everywhere!)

As we were traveling in the Underground, I was trying to get the attention of 2 of our ladies to make sure they were aware that we would soon disembark (the train was crowded and one needs to move fast to make the cut, or get stuck IN the train until the next stop). They couldn't hear me, so I asked one woman, neatly dressed, in great physical condition and who I was SURE I knew from somewhere, if she could tap the ladies and get their attention for me. She did, with an odd look on her face. I gave directions to the ladies. When we got close to the stop, I again, asked the lady to tap their shoulders (I guess the two were busy visiting...). The (still familiar, but where had I seen that face?) woman again helped me out. With her help, we did all exit the train at the appropriate stop.

Many days and medals later, back home, as I watched a morning news show, I saw that lady. Honey, come quick...duh.

She was Misty May-Treanor...just the gold medal winner of beach volleyball, several times over. If only my brain was working! (Forgive her, she's a little slow, I heard myself telling myself.) Could've gotten a photo with her.

Obviously I didn't remember her name, face, and Olympic occupation until later. She had to have wondered which rock I was living under to not make the connection, since I was obviously American. And going to the Olympics. In London.


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