Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Yes, I do admit. It would be perfect in slow motion.

Looking cute in my summer brown skirt. Walking up to the store door to pick up my Rx for possible pink eye (just in case, thanks to my little Bubba). A slight breeze, not too bad, was blowing.

Suddenly, a huge gust did a Marilyn Monroe on my skirt. Gasping, I grabbed my skirt back down, only to step off my shoe, twist my ankle, and fall flat on the sidewalk RIGHT in front of the door to Shopko!

Uh-huh. Fastest recovery and standing up ever witnessed by human eyes. Forced myself to walk without limping or looking for observers...although the big rig driving six feet away was a sure bet to have seen the excitement. (Were those people inside Starbucks actually staring AT me and laughing, or was that my imagination???)

Now I am nursing a large elbow rasberry, a sore ankle, and a weird pain in my hip joint?

Watch out, London. Here comes danger.

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