Thursday, July 24, 2014

A New Look

It's time for a new look.

Spring flowers - a new beginning in the yard

My friends, you need to have some fresh views in your line of sight. Et voila!

Oh, and you also need an apology. It's time for the blogger to eat crow. I'm all over those funny Grammarly posts on FB. Especially the ones where the apostrophes are used incorrectly.

Yet, not once, not ONCE, did I notice that I had misused apostrophes twice in my blog title! Ouch. Double ouch. My most sincere apologies to you, the readers. Please! Pretty please with sugar on top. If you see that again, let me know. I shall hire you as my editors.

The sisters, Monet and Mabel, can't believe I misused apostrophes!

New Things ~

~ This refreshed blog template. Love the blue skies and the feeling of being outside on a beautiful day. Nature rocks!

~ A new photo of yours truly. I'm going for a new look as I grow out the dye and let gray rule the day.

~ A new career. This hopeful wordsmith is following her dream of writing.

~ A fresh start. Everyone needs something new. My brain cells are very unsettled and excited about the changed appearance of the blog and the possibilities unfolding as each new day dawns.

~ New helpers. See below. I can't help how adorable they are. Still figuring out how to channel their assistance.

Monet, on my work notebook

Mabel, hogging my chair

What do you think?

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