Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Use Those Sunflowers!

I do not feel guilty for chopping off sunflowers and putting them in the house. For several reasons:

1. There are close to a thousand sunflowers growing in my kitchen garden, compliments of the dog who tilled and sowed all she could find.

2. They are beautiful!

3. Sunflowers normally attract birds. But since the same sparrow hawks have nested and successfully raised offspring right next to our fence as last year, I have no small birds to eat said seeds.

4. I do not. Repeat, DO NOT, want as many sunflowers in my garden next year.

5. The bees have plenty of other sunflowers to visit.

6. The sunflower screening wall is complete. I can no longer see through into the neighbors' backyard. Privacy adequate for occasional race out in my boxers.

7. Grandchildren are impressed with sunflowers, but not accompanying insects.

8. Large variety available - a giant sunflower (have not planted those in years. YEARS.); sunset burgundy sunflowers (my favorite); small yellow sunflowers; medium yellow sunflowers; plus many others I can not identify with ever having planted.

9. I pulled out hundreds of babies in the spring. Why not enjoy the surviving flowers?

10. The garden shed bed does not need reseeding this year. Or ever.

Enjoy those sunflowers!

Tip: Use those pretty old blue brew bottles for vases. Each thick sunflower stem fits perfectly in one bottle.

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