Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lavender Love

Lavender Days at the Selah Ridge Lavender Farm

I adore lavender. In fact, I dream about growing my own fields of lavender and distilling it for essential oils.

Last weekend we had the grands. Despite the zesty heat, we popped them into the air-conditioned car and headed to the lavender farm. It was HOT.

In fact, our fashion of the day shows the weather-dictated reason for wardrobe choices.
Spiderman jammy top, swim trunks, Minnie Mouse swimsuit, and sandals. All set.

The lavender was beautiful and fragrant, as usual. Samples of lavender lemonade chilled our throats. We found a lavender-walled grassy garden spot that was perfect for pretending it was our house. And the AC filled car was our favorite part of the trip. Too hot!

Feeling the heat!

This dirt is wayyyyyy more interesting than lavender.

To the car, Papa!

Lavender days.

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