Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pepper, Anyone?

Pepper. The spice of life.

Apparently the lid was not screwed on beneath the plastic seal. After I peeled off the plastic, I dumped the pepper grinder (FYI - Trader Joe's) upside down to add some fresh ground to our dinner salads.

Except the entire lid came off and instead I added hundreds of whole peppercorns.

The sound was magical. Kitties came running, as they thought it was dinner time. Kevin arrived just behind them.

What could you do? Laugh.

And start sweeping up the floor mess (before the kitties had a spicy bite) and hand picking peppercorns from the salads.

I love pepper.

But not that much. If that had happened yesterday, a day I do not wish to ever relive, I would have cried. And possibly thrown the whole dinner in the trash.

But God is awesome. He had me open that new pepper bottle today, when my skies were much sunnier. He's good that way, isn't He?

Pepper, anyone?

P.S. Check those caps!

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