Thursday, August 7, 2014

Writers Promo Idea - Found While Camping!

We writer's have to stick together.

Good ideas need to be shared and are our machetes to combat the jungle we face when promoting our books.

A friend and her daughter were recently camping in the Wallowa area of Oregon. Due to circumstances, they could only reserve two separate campsites for their stay. Which required moving mid-stay. Luckily, the move was to the site immediately next to their first place.

It went down like this. My friend interacted with the couple residing at the future camp site by offering to share firewood. She let them know of the site transfer which was to occur on the following day. Later, my friend noticed the couple sitting in chairs, savoring the quiet outdoors time to read books.

Wouldn't that be great if they left a book for me to read? she thought.

Next morning, just as she crawled out of her tent, she saw the neighbors leave, heading towards their next destination. After a trip to the loo, she noticed something on the table.

It was a book! They had left a book, just as she had hoped.

But not just any book.

The book was his book. He was the author and distributor (while camping) of the book. His inscription was clever and made reference to their chance encounter.

Now why didn't I think of that?

Always have my books on hand.
Read them while out in public.
Add clever messages and sign them.
Give them away as the opportunities arise.

Whack, whack! Take that, you Jungle-of-Book-Promotion.

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