Friday, April 1, 2016

Just Because

Just because I appreciate you.
By Angie Quantrell @angiequantrell

Happy April!

for friends, family, and like
thank you, dear heart true
~ Angie Quantrell
Thank you for reading, commenting, and following this blog. I appreciate each one of you. Invite your friends and family to join the fun. Thanks!
Have a beautiful first day of April. Just because.

Just Because cards by Angie Quantrell

Note: Here is a list of materials I used when making these greeting cards: cardstock, old fashioned library cards, brads, washi tape, glitter tape and glue, rubber stamps, ink pads, watercolor resevoir paint brush

You can see more card creations and cards I love on my Pinterest Rubber Stamping board. The link will take you right to my board. @AngieQuantrell

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