Monday, April 23, 2012

Nielson Ratings


For years, as I sit and gripe about television offerings, I wondered aloud to myself and all who would listen, "How does one get to be a Nielson TV family? I want to let them, someone, anyone KNOW what I don't like and what I would like to see more of."

Last week, we gave up TV and cable for at least a one year commitment. Time to explore our horizons of free time not being tethered to a shiny black box. Reading. Games. Friends. Socializing. Gardening. Resting.

TODAY, about one week to the day, we received our heads-up blue and white Nielson ratings postcard, with orders to watch for the soon coming blue envelope.

Sheesh. Now my voice will NOT be heard and we will continue to have endless variations of reality shows, murder mysteries, police dramas, info-mercials, and hospital scenes ad nauseum. All the cheerful stuff.


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