Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Day in the Life of Chaos

Chaos is a regular visitor at this home.

The office shows sings of impending implosion. Where did I put that paper I needed? How did I lose a pitch-fest business card? Why do the cats keep dive bombing piles of 'to be filed' items? I guess it would help if I didn't file projects on the floor.

Garden chores are pretty much done for the year other than harvesting produce. Even then, raspberries are taking a last place position, waiting, wilting, and dropping from the vines in sun-baked agony as I pursue other 'do-what-comes-first' responsibilities.

Laundry. Two people. Really? Amazing. Can't even blame the cats for that one. Other than fur-covered blankets.

Windows? I've never done windows. Why? Cute little handprints, nose smudges, finger swipes, kitty kisses. They will just reappear.

Meals and dishes. Again. Two. People. How in the world can we generate so many things needing a wash?

Internet on. Internet off. Repeat. It goes like that throughout the day.

Phone calls. Texts. Visits. Go there. Do that. Buy. Recycle. Put away. Prepare. Clean.

Play. Haul out the toys. Kiss the babies. Make a mess.

Write. Plan. Brainstorm. Write. Edit. Blog. Take photos. Post posts. Answer email. Blog. Wait for important replies. Take Notes.

Deadlines. Research.

Read. Review. Like. Repost.

With so much of my day taking place in virtual-land, why does my house look like a tornado named "Chaos" has visited?

I have never understood when people have complained about being bored. What is bored and who has time to be bored? There are so many wonderful, exciting, challenging things to do and adventures to go on - no room for boredom.

Peace. Be still.

This is the life I chose, the life I love.

Every single bit of the evidence of chaos inhabitation is worth it. Chaos of the sort I see means life. Pursuit. Expression. Fun. Creativity. Joy. Love.

I'll take a day in the life of chaos anytime.

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