Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thankful Thursday Brought to You By the Letter Ww

Today's Thankful Thursday is brought to you by the letter Ww!

Things for which I am thankful that begin with Ww:

~ WATER - Please, Lord, we need water to put out fires and refill our water table!

~ world, what a wonderful place to live

~ watermelon

~ waves breaking on the beach

~ waterfalls

~ walking

~ waking up

~ wonderings

~ wilderness areas

~ Water, the Living

~ wascally wabbits

~ wiggles

~ worms

~ wagons

~ wild animals and wild children

~ wading

~ waltzing, if only the tall husband and the short wife could meet and not tangle when they attempted to waltz

~ wife, one of the hats I love to wear

~ wings (on birds and costumes for children, not on me)

~ wagging tails

~ walls to keep out too much heat and too much cold

~ wages for work

~ Washington, the state

~ weather (especially snow, rain, and wind)

~ whales

~ wheat

~ worship of the One True God

~ writing

Wow! What a list of Ww things for which to be thankful. Can you think of anything else?

Shameless Plug (This begins with Ww, so I thought that applied to this post. ;)

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I wrote the information for this hunger experience. October is Global Hunger Relief Month. You can use World Hunger 101 in small or large groups of people to help them gain a deeper understanding about world hunger. Ideas are also suggested for younger participants. Available in Spanish and English.

Visit or call 1-800-968-7301 to order. This item can be immediately downloaded by ordering through the website. Thank you!

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