Monday, August 24, 2015

Ten Things to Do with a Moth

Boys have their own way of thinking, learning, and exploring.

Here are some ways to learn about moths, according to Hayden (6 years-old).

1. Catch a wounded moth. Catch it several times and chase it around the yard. Cup it gently (or not so gently) in your hands.

2. Carry the moth around. In your hand. Squished.

3. Catch a second moth. Hold it by the body part. Ask Nana if it will hurt you.

4. Carry moth around, looking often to see if moth has pooped in your hand (Nana said it won't hurt you, but it might poop on you).

5. Prepare to use a hand mixer to 'mix' the moth and see what happens. Stop when Nana catches you.

6. Do moths swim? Find out by dunking it in the water table. Consider giving it a ride in the toy boat.

7. Do moths fly - as in, from a water hose that you shove it into and crank on the water?

8. Ride on your scooter. Maybe while holding the moth. Oops.

9. Lose interest.

10. What moth?

P.S. We have no photos of any poor moth.

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