Friday, August 21, 2015

Fun Friday

Hey, all. It's Friday!

Regardless of work schedules, deadlines, piles of laundry, dirty dishes, abundant garden produce that needs attending, I have decided to make it Fun Friday.

Even if I only have a small amount of space in my schedule, I choose to do something fun today.

Our paper birch trees in the front yard provide plenty of peeling paper. I've been experimenting (I shall have to change my middle name to Experimenting). The super thin - paper thin - bark is perfect for stamping! I am so excited to find a use for these sheets of beautiful white.

Sneaking in a little stamping today for my Fun Friday. How about you?

Here is a new way to dry cards if you are short on counter (and kitty-free) space. This works very well.

What to do with all those cards you make (talking to myself here, I have a stash going)?

bundle and give as gifts
send as actual greeting cards - people love real mail
give a set to your child's teacher as a welcome-back-to-school gift
donate a bunch for a charity auction
build a collection for your husband to use in his work
send to neighbors, friends, and family as notes of encouragement or invitation
trade a few with another stamping buddy to build variety
pin favorites to Pinterest (mine are all on a Rubber Stamping board under Angie Quantrell)
make new friends by swapping technique ideas and visiting stamping stores
mail cards to missionaries, family, and friends who are living overseas
display favorites as little works of art
if your coffers overflow (mine have not made it there yet - I enjoy giving them away too much I guess) rent a table at a bazaar and sell a few
sell cards at a charity event and give the proceeds towards a special project

Yes, I do love hobbies with a purpose. Happy Fun Friday!

You are welcome to share this blog post and ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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