Friday, April 6, 2012


Well, well, well.

We were egged. Sometime last night. Apparently.

I guess that means, "Happy Easter!"

My guys are not amused. Good aim though. Straight onto the windshield of the Caballero. Excellent follow through, as evidenced by the splatter effect. Egg shells on the lawn, the driveway, the back of the truck. YOLK everywhere. Funny, I thought there was more egg white inside the egg, not yolk. But what is showing most is yellow. All the way up the my window garden. NOT on the house. Amazing. I mean, egg shells on the roof (???), but I can't find any egg guts on the bricks or windows.

Reported. Check.
Photo documented. Check.
Washed off? Next in line. (Please, mom, can you? If that dries on there...too late buddy. But I will go wash it off as soon as the pumpkin bread comes out of the oven.)

I think I will blame the science departments of local high schools. Since they usually have some sort of experiment teaching students how to cradle an egg and drop it from great heights in order to see how to:

a) package a fragile item and not allow smashing said egg,

and b) how to accurately judge distance and aim for the best effect.

Thereby, also the opposite is true = how to NOT be careful and avoid breakage and how to achieve the maximum splatter effect - when combining aim plus velocity of projectile - upon landing of the eggs on chosen target.

Yay! You go, science programs!

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