Saturday, April 7, 2012

Never Leave Your Husband Alone with Tools

Ok, maybe it's just MY husband.

Seriously. I think one day I am going to find him missing an arm or leg or not home because he was taken to the hospital. Or worse.

Today he is safely painting the ceiling. Minor crashes and bangs coming from the bedroom. But I am home to watch him.

From a previous 'find out everything that's wrong with our house' escapade, he discovered what happens when you leave a metal tape measure on an outlet...

Now, many people ask him for help on home fix-up projects. Especially his daughter. Maybe even his son, one day, when they buy a home.

Just a few tips. Do not leave him alone. Do not leave electricity on. Take away metal tape measures. Clear the floor for tripping disasters. Do not let him have wire clippers.

Everything else should be just fine.

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