Monday, April 16, 2012

My Stalker

He has blue eyes. Shaggy unkept hair. Gleaming teeth. Compelling mannerisms. Dedication to his stalking. Intensity.

I see him almost every day. I've grown used to his advances and mostly continue on my way. I sort of miss him when he isn't at his usual stalking section of the roads I travel. He has his favorites to lunge for, and I believe I am one of them.

He also has bunched muscles. Creeping claws. A banner tail.

My stalker is always on early, before 7 AM, morning duty. He used to have a partner in crime and they synchronized their stalking. But I haven't seen the buddy in a while. Occasionally, my stalker will take up a stalking post around the corner and heel new victims.

He's my furry working dog stalker. He loves my white Mazda. Is never bothered by the fact that my Mazda is a CAR and he is a dog. He has his work to do! And he is goooooood at it.

Best plan? Stay at the 25 mph speed limit, straight in line with the traffic lane, keep going. He has it all figured out to best make

the front approach
the swing around the driver side swoop
the dart in for the kill

and finally

the successful fly behind the car and line up for the next stalk-ee.

Maybe one day I'll find out his name.

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